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The world is very, very, very big. There are some wonderful places on its surface. Fabulous sun-kissed beaches with miles of golden sands. Wonderful mountains with crystal steams cascading down into tropical paradises. There are also some horrendous cities populated by a subculture of thugs and gangsters. Sadly this website is about the latter locations. Here you will discover some of the most vile and violent places to live. So read on and be prepared to be shocked.        WORST CITY



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WORST CITY - Calcutta, India

Calcutta, India

Population: 3.3 million in the city itself, but add on adjoining areas and the figure rises to over 11 million

Worst Feature: The living conditions of the very poor.

Best Feature: Calcutta has many grand buildings – the Wonders of India Museum, the
Victoria Memorial, the Khaligat – all worth a visit. The street food can be amazing too
and if freshly prepared in front of you is unlikely to upset your digestion – though avoid salad and raw fruit

As in many other Indian cities the railway station is an important place. Howrah Station in Calcutta is full of travellers off to flung destinations. A hub of activity. For those who can afford there is a five star hotel with every luxury in which to wile away the hours until the train arrives. For members of the huge Calcutta street dwelling community though the most important part of the station is a small booth. It is open for 12 hours a day and any street child can come there for instant information and help. Every day dozens of new children arrive in the city and, with the co-operation of the local police staff form the Ashalayam can meet the newcomers and, if they want to, provide them with a place to stay where they can find comfort and security. They don’t all want – there are small children so overcome with fears the streets seem more welcoming. The booth staff cannot solve all the problems or even speak to all the children, but at least they are available – which is more than nay other kind of help is.



 One of the many "Railway Children" of Calcutta - living on the platforms and searching the trains for lost money and discarded food.

 A light relief from pictures of starving children - Neha Kapur is Miss India Universe 2006


Help street children with The Consortium for Street Children

The Consortium for Street Children is the only worldwide network that works collectively to help street children on a global scale. We mobilise our passions, values, beliefs and resources to coordinate and support committed individuals, groups and organisations in the interest of street children. We especially dedicate our efforts to strengthening emerging civil society, state and market partnerships that respond to the needs of marginalised communities, such as urban slums where many street children originate. Through good stewardship we deliver efficient and responsive programmes that help build a global community in which the rights of street children are promoted and protected.

The Consortium for Street Children

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